Sunday, April 14, 2019

Roles And Responsibilities Of Technical Lead

1. What are the roles and responsibilities of technical lead in software development ?
  • Ability To Define Project Tasks : Receive the requirment are tied up to specific business goals
  • Project Responsibility:
  • Reasonable For Timely delivery project and achieve the goals.
  • Software Architecture : Design the project structural & Designing interfaces between different components
  • Technical Stack : Choose the proper technology stack for your projcet.
  • Effort estimation of your project : 
  • Identify Resources : Ability to allocate proper task to right resource
  • Track Time (Mentorship) : How your team is working
  • Use Tools : Choose the proper tool for specific task.
  • Don’t Over-allocate
  • Collaboration
  • Team Debugging
  • Technical Debt Management
  • Task Management
  • Code Review
  • Functional Testing Before Deliver The Project.
  • Coordination With Client & Team

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