Kafka Tutorial

Apache Kafka Cluster Architecture Diagram

Components and Description

  • Broker
  • ZooKeeper
  • Producers
  • Consumers

Q- What are the major elements or components of Apache Kafka? or What are the components of Apache Kafka?

There are following elemements of Apache Kafaka
  • Producers
  • Consumer Groups
  • Consumers
  • Topics
  • Kafake Clusters
  • Brokers
  • Partitions
  • Offset
  • Replicas
  • Leaders
  • Followers
Kafka Components (Kafka Architecture)– Universal Modeling Language (UML)

Q- How to install kafka and zookeeper in windows or ubuntu?

Q- How to secure kafka?

Q- How to handle fault tolerance in kafka?

Q- What is Kafka written in? or what language is kafka written in?
Q- How do you Start Kafka?
Q- How do you Start the Zookeeper in Kafka?
Q- How do you stop Kafka?
  To Stop the Kafka broker through the command ./bin/kafka-server-stop.sh 

Q- How to enable zookeeper with kafka?
Q- Can we use Kafka without zookeeper?
Q- Why we need zookeeper for Kafka?
Q- What does Kafka store in zookeeper?
Q- What are partitions in Kafka?
Q- How do I create a Kafka topic?
Q- How does Kafka work?
Q- How does Kafka Producer work?
Q- How does Kafka partition work?
Q- What is partition offset in Kafka?
Q- Is Kafka push or pull?
Q- How many zookeeper nodes does Kafka have?
     Minimum 3 nodes
Q- How did Kafka die?
Q- Why did Kafka want his work burned?

Q- What is the theme of metamorphosis?
Q- Kafka vs rabbitmq

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