Monday, April 8, 2019

Effort Estimation In Java Project

Q- How to do effort estimation in a java project ?

Q- Software development effort estimation tool ?
Q- What is cost estimation techniques?
Q- How to help & support to you project manager in project development?

Software Effort Estimation Factors

  • Technology need to use in project
  • Consider the time to set up a project environment.
  • Calculate number of functions or how many features need to be developed.
  • Web Page - Number of pages to screen to be developed. Number of fields on a screen, validation on fields & rules apply
  • Complexity - Number of rules need to be implements - 
  • Unit Testing - Number of unit test cases
  • Database tables -  Number of database tables, numbers of columns in a table & complexity of stored procedure
  • Business complexity
  • Language conversion required
  • Interface required.

Cost Estimation Factors

  • Size of software
  • Software Quality
  • Hardware
  • Additional Software or Tools, licenses etc.
  • Skilled person with task specific skills
  • Travel involved
  • Communication
  • Tanning and Support 


  • Square footage
  • Lines of code
  • Use case points
  • Function points

Duration of project/cost = [#Units] * [Unit Rate]

Duration in hours to complete a software project = (No of function points) * (number of man-hours to require to complete a function point worth of work)

WBS: - work breakdown structure.

Man hours = hours per person * number of man-power working

Q- What are the team members required in a project?
  • Manager
  • Technical Lead
  • Architect
  • Designer
  • Developer
  • QA- Tester
  • DevOps

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