Technical Lead Interview

Most Important Technical Lead Interview Questions.
Q-  What do mean by team lead?
Q-  Describe your project architecture ?
Q-  What are the challenges for a team leader?
Q-  How to help to your team ?
Q-  How to you manage your time ?
Q-  How do you handle stress and pressure ?
Q-  How do you handle conflict between team members ?
Q-  How to manage team work ?
Q-  How to deal with someone who is not a team member (player) ?
Q-  How to manage poor performance of team ?
Q-  How do you deal with a poor performer in your team ?
Q-  How to manage resources in a project ?
Q-  How can you help your manager to achieve your goals ?
Q-  What are the risks in project management ?
Q-  How to manage risk in project management ?
Q-  How to build your startup team ?
Q-  How to convince client for delay in delivery of project ?
Q-  Project Delays: How to Tell a Client You Need More Time ?
Q-  How to convince your client we will not delay going forward to deliver project?
Q-  How do you do improve code quality ?
Q-  How to review code? What is the best practices for code review
Q-  What are the tools used to code review ?
Q-  What are code converters tools ?
Q-  How to debug project at production-environment ?
Q-  How to deploy project on server ?
Q-  What is continuous deployment ( CD )?
Q-  How to write documentation for a project ?
Q-  What are the functional document ?
Q-  What are the technical documents ?
Q-  What are the 3 most important things needed for effective teamwork in the workplace?
Q-  Who is write document in your team, you or someone else?

  • BRD: Brds are written by business analyst (BA).
  • HLD: Software Architect with Team lead, Team lead will provide help to Software Architect.
  • LLD: Software Developer is responsible write LLD.

Q-  Can we run multiple JVMs on single machine?
Ans ; Yes

Q-  How do you run multiple JVM on a single machine?

Q-  How to communicate between two JVM? How do you call methods in a different JVM?

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